We Have Built a Platform to
Grow Your Crypto Assets

Our team designs and codes smart contracts for both ICO and business needs.
We have a desire to expand our business, so we invite private investors to participate in our program.

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Great Experience

We have been working in smart contracts area for 3 years. We know the market very well.


Right Team

Our team is very young, professional and ambitious. Our products are of high demand.


Attractive Offers

Our investment offer allows to earn up to 75% monthly in the very safe way.


Reliable Service

We have friendly and reliable service. Our Support Team is 24/7 available.

Secure Investments to Our Company!

  • Encrypted SSL Protocol
  • Dedicated Server
  • DDOS Protection
  • Licensed Software
  • Viruses Protection
  • Blockchain Data Storage


Our investment plans allow you deposit your money for a fixed period of 15 or 30 days (second and third plans) or use free-data plan (first one).
You can get a profit from 30% to 75% on monthly basis depending on plan.
Also we will grant you extra 1% for every $100 you invest to the project.



Amount: $10 - $100 000 Days: 3 days minimum Principal: back when finish Profit: 1% daily

2% DAILY, 30% FOR 15 DAYS

Amount: $10 - $100 000 Days: 15 days Principal: back after 15 days Profit: 2% daily

2.5% DAILY, 75% FOR 30 DAYS

Amount: $10 - $100 000 Days: 30 days Principal: back after 30 days Profit: 2.5% daily
35Running days

Not many yet, but we expect long life

171Total Accounts

More and more partners every day

$ 5 929.09Total Depoisited

Our reserves are safe and growing up

monozoaThe Newest Member

Welcome to our team and bring your friends


We offer very good profit from your deposits - up to 75% monthly.
But anyway you have many other possibilities to get higher profit from Smart Contracts.
You can invite your friends and partner and get 2% commission from all their deposits.
Also, you can smoothly increase your investments and get 1% bonus for every $100 additionaly.
If you want deeper participation in our project, you can apply for Representative status and earn extra profit.


Main Income

Depending on the plan selected, you can earn from 30% up to 75% monthly on a regular basis. You can withdrwaw your profit every day, but principal will be returned back after closing the deposit only.

Bonus Income

For each $100 of your deposits you get additional bonus of 1% immediately. If you invested $50 and then $50 more, you will get the bonus, because it's cummulative. If you invest more than $100 at once, you will get 1% for each $100.

Referral Income

You can get 2% referral bonus from all deposits of your friends and partners if they used your referral link while registered.
You don't need to have your own deposit to get your referral bonus.

Representative Income

We will announce our Representative Program very soon. You will be able to get extra referral bonus and other benefits being representative of Smart Contracts.


Check daily our new and updates. We are planning to run some specials.



Can I have multiple accounts?

No, it is strongly prohibited. If we find out this, all your funds will be blocked.

Can I make more than one deposit?

Yes, you can make as many deposits as you can afford.

Can I withdraw funds via paysystem other than I used when made deposit?

No, you can get your profit in the same currency you used to deposit. But we will offer nice Excange Service very soon.

After I make a withdrawal request, when will the funds be available on my wallet?

Funds are usually available within 12 hours.

Can I earn money without investing anything?

Yes, you can use our referral program. You will receive a 2% bonus on deposits from members you invited to the project. To do this, they must use your referral link for signup.

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